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Make Your Business More Profitable With Custom Printed Tissue Boxes

custom printed tissue boxes

Custom printed tissue boxes are personalized tissue containers featuring your unique design, ideal for branding and promotional purposes. With tailored graphics and messaging, they serve as eye-catching marketing tools to distinguish your brand in any setting.

Using tissue boxes with your own design is a great way to make people notice your brand and stand out from other companies. You can use them to advertise your brand or sell them in stores. The main reason to use them is to keep customers coming back, which helps you make more money. Plus, they’re a cheap way to show off your logo where everyone can see it. That’s why they’re perfect for promoting your business wherever you need to.

What are the different types of custom printed tissue boxes?

Paper tissue boxes are the simplest kind. They’re made of paper or cardboard and have smooth surfaces. Decorative tissue boxes come with fancy designs, like patterns and pictures. They are available in different sizes to meet your requirements.

Small tissue boxes are great for tiny items like cups and napkins. You can get them in different colors and designs for any occasion! Square tissue boxes are perfect for events with lots of people who need easy access to tissues, like concerts or festivals!

Custom Printed Paper Tissue Boxes

Paper tissue boxes are the most common type of tissue box. They can be found in a range of sizes and shapes. They’re affordable, user-friendly, and customizable with your logo or message.

Paper Tissue Boxes are disposable, but if you want them to last longer than one use, then there are some things that you should know about how long they last:

(a). Paper tissue boxes start falling apart after two months of continuous use.

(b). The box itself is made from paper, so it will eventually break down over time

Instead, you can ask your packaging suppliers for rigid and durable cardboard boxes for tissue packaging. They can last longer than paper material.

Personalized Covers:

Personalized covers for tissue packaging offer an excellent way to advertise your brand or message. They’re useful for promoting events or products, like a new product launch or upcoming sale. You can use custom printed tissue boxes alone or alongside custom printed tablecloths, napkins, and placemats for added impact.

Fancy Tissue Box Holder:

If you’re seeking a stylish tissue box holder, this section is for you. First, decide if you prefer your brand on the tissue box or on a separate item. If it fits your business strategy, let’s explore various branded box options on Amazon.

Branding Tissue Boxes:

Adding branding touches to custom tissue boxes effectively communicates your brand’s message. Incorporating elements such as brand logos, printed taglines, or embossed details can engage a larger audience of customers. This not only aids customers in remembering your brand for future purchases but also enhances brand recognition and boosts sales as you increase branding elements in your packaging.

How to Select the Right Tissue Box for Your Business?

Consider the following when choosing the right tissue box:

(1) Size: Pick a size that suits your brand and customer needs. For instance, for a small business with few employees and one bathroom per floor, an economy-sized box may be more practical than an extra-large one, which would require more paper.

(2) Tissue Quantity: Determine how many tissues go into each box to ensure there’s enough space for each one without running out before everyone has used them up.

(3) Usage Environment: Consider where the product will be used – indoors or outdoors, in moist or dry conditions. Also, think about the surface it will sit on best – carpeting or hardwood floors. Decide on the packaging materials like plastic bottles, cans, bags, foil wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, or aluminum foil wrappers based on your preferences.

How to Add Branding to Tissue Boxes?

There are two main methods for printing branding on tissue boxes: offset printing and digital printing.

Offset printing uses a metal plate with ink applied to it, which is then pressed onto the product to transfer the design onto each tissue box.

Digital printing, on the other hand, involves using a digital press (DP) to print directly onto various materials like cardboard, plastic, or glass. This method is more flexible and doesn’t require expensive equipment like offset printing does. Additionally, you can choose from different paper stocks, such as matte or glossy finishes, based on your project needs.


When it comes to custom printed tissue boxes, RBS Print offers a smart choice for any business. They’re easy to order and guaranteed to boost profitability. Whether you opt for paper or plastic, you’ll discover the best prices available. Utilize the insights provided to maximize the effectiveness of these custom-designed boxes and reach your sales goals effortlessly.

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