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Luxury finishes

Metallic Foiling

Add a brilliant, eye-catching shine to enhance the exterior of your product’s packaging through Metallic Foiling which gives a stamped feel to the product. It is considered ideal to follow a wide variety of options and produces a dramatic visual impact that helps your product package stand out. Metallic foiling gives your packaging a polished, eye-catching appearance that may draw customers into a cutthroat market.


Electrostatic Deposition, often known as the metallic foiling process, applies a thin coating of metal foil to the surface of your product package. It is applied to the surface of your goods under pressure and heat.


You can choose from a variety of metallic foiling alternatives at RBS PRINT, such as gold, silver, copper foil, and others. Each metallic foil has unique qualities that make it suitable for a variety of uses and help your product to become extremely attractive. Silver and gold, for instance, both reflect light well. This means that while gold will work well to create eye-catching packaging for high-end goods, silver would be a better option if you want something that will endure longer and be more reasonably priced.

Metallic Foiling

Holographic Foiling

Quality packaging can glam up by adorning Holographic Foiling on you customize boxes. Customers use a holographic foiling effect to make your products more exclusive and sought-after or to give your brand a decorative appearance. A thin layer of holographic foil is heated and placed on the product’s surface during the holographic foiling process. This foil has the special ability to reflect light in a variety of ways, producing a vivid yet understated impression. The product packaging is given a shimmering and sparkly appearance as a result and helps product awareness and create a brand identity.


At RBS PRINT, we offer Holographic Foils, which are thin, transparent films that may be put directly over your printed image. The foil is available in a variety of hues and designs, such as gold, silver, and rainbow, in matte or gloss finishes. Notably, the cosmetic industry widely makes considerable use of holographic foiling to create beautiful packaging. This kind of packaging boosts your product’s perceived worth also adding glitz and style. They are ideal to provide more conceptual clarity and initiate effective communication between customer and brand.

Aqueous Coating

Enter Aqueous Coating – the secret weapon for giving your boxes that extra touch of protection and sophistication. Your unique boxes would benefit greatly from the additional layer of protection and artistic touch provided by Aqueous Coating. They offer the highest level of protection against impressions and contaminants, handling and touching may not have an impact on the product’s appearance. This is among the most often utilised ecologically friendly options for custom product packaging finishing techniques. Any type of box, including cardboard, rigid, kraft, corrugated, and others, can use it. Your packaging will appear glossy and have a water-resistant surface thanks to it.


At RBS PRINT, we believe that your products deserve packaging that is both functional and beautiful. That’s why we offer custom Aqueous Coatings that will not only protect your products but also make them stand out from the crowd. So why settle for ordinary packaging when you can have extraordinary? Let us help you take your product packaging to the next level with our custom Aqueous Coatings. We offer a wide variety of quality Aqueous Coating including Pencil Receptive Coating, Gloss Coating, Matte Coating, Soft Touch Coating, Satin Coating, Dry Erase Coating, etc.



Embossing/Debossing is a must for packaging boxes if you want a distinctively raised or indented silhouette of your logo, text, or graphic design. This procedure gives a new dimension to your brand identification by raising a pattern on the surface of your package using heat and pressure.


Embossing can be done with ink or foil and produces a lovely effect that elevates the appearance of your goods. It is carried out on customised boxes, which adds a distinctive element of flair and guarantees that your logo and branding receive quick attention while creating an unparalleled yet unforgettable experience.


Debossing is a special technique that makes it possible to make beautiful designs on paper and other materials. A design is intricately pressed into the material by exerting pressure on the rear of the surface, creating a stunning and eye-catching pattern. At RBS PRINT, you may choose to combine the embossing and debossing processes to produce even more intricate and eye-catching designs. We can create genuinely premium packaging that is sure to impress by including additional printing techniques like foil stamping, matte lamination, and spot UV finishing. Our staff can help you with realising your idea and creating packaging that stands out from the competition, whether it is through the use of artistic components, logos, or text.


Our team of professionals can assist you whether you’re wanting to develop custom packaging for a new product launch, a special occasion, or simply to improve the image of your company. We’ll collaborate with you to fully grasp your concept and provide packaging that satisfies all of your requirements. To learn more about our embossing and debossing services and to begin working on your bespoke packaging project, get in touch with us now.


  • Produces a 3D design that pops from the surface
  • Excellent for custom wallets, padfolios, briefcases, baggage tags, and other leather accessories
  • Does not affect the back of the material
  • Creates dimensional depth in the pattern
  • The designs are easier to apply ink

Gloss & Matte Lamination

Gloss Lamination option is an affordable way to add a layer of durability to your packaging, while also creating an eye-catching finish that is sure to grab attention. If you’re looking to create packaging that demands attention and provides reliable protection, then Gloss Lamination is the way to go. At RBS PRINT, we don’t just offer Gloss and Matte Lamination options for your product packaging – we offer a chance to make your products stand out from the crowd.


Alternatively, our Matte Lamination option is perfect for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their packaging. This smooth finish reduces glare and adds a subtle elegance to your product, creating a truly premium look and feel. Plus, it’s also a great way to protect your products from environmental damage during transit and storage.


With our Gloss and Matte Lamination options, you can take your product packaging to the next level. And when you work with RBS PRINT, you’re not just getting high-quality finishes – you’re getting a team of experts who are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. So instead of choosing basic packaging, why not design something genuinely exceptional? Get in touch with us today and let’s make your products shine.


Spot UV & Blind UV

Elevate your brand’s packaging game with our premium Raised Spot UV and Blind UV techniques. These cutting-edge printing techniques are guaranteed to make your custom packaging stand out from the competition. Our Raised Spot UV technique creates a stunning three-dimensional effect that adds a touch of sophistication and style to your product packaging. The raised areas of your design will catch the light and grab your customers’ attention, making your product packaging more appealing and memorable.


But why stop there? Our Blind UV technique takes things to the next level by creating a subtle and elegant texture on your packaging, even on the areas without any printed designs. This adds a level of depth and sophistication that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Blind UV is perfect for creating a sense of luxury and exclusivity for high-end products, or for adding a unique touch to minimalist designs.


Not only are these techniques visually stunning, but they also offer practical benefits. Our Raised Spot UV and Blind UV coatings provide an extra layer of protection against wear and tear, making your packaging more durable and long-lasting. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to other print forms.


At RBS PRINT, we are committed to helping you create custom wholesale packaging that perfectly represents your brand and products. Our Raised Spot UV and Blind UV techniques are just two of the many options we offer to enhance your packaging design. Let us help you take your packaging to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Silk Lamination

Silk Lamination, is the ultimate packaging solution that elevates the luxury of your product while protecting it from the harsh outside elements. This high-performance lamination boasts a scratch-resistant finish that exudes sophistication while providing exceptional durability to your custom boxes. The soft, velvety touch that feels similar to peach skin will leave a lasting impression on your customers, showcasing your brand’s commitment to excellence.


Whether it’s retail packaging, custom invitations, presentation folders, hand tags, rack cards, or anything in between, Silk Lamination is the ultimate finish that adds an extra layer of elegance to your project. Elevate your brand’s packaging and make a lasting impression on your customers with our premium Silk Lamination.


At RBS PRINT, we take pride in delivering the highest quality lamination for a variety of materials, including cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and paperboard. Our Silk Lamination technique adds value, prestige, and protection to an already beautiful design, making it the perfect choice for businesses looking to create luxurious custom boxes that align with their brand values.


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